`The Rules To Being A Brilliant Godparent

Becoming a godparent can be as thrilling as a first major life experience. It’s a mix of excitement and the honour of being chosen. However, as the number of godchildren grows, the role can become more challenging. From the costs and time commitments to navigating parental dynamics and forming bonds, godparenting is a delicate balancing act.

Be Present and Involved

  • Visit and Stay Connected: Be present from the start, attending key events like baptisms and first communions. Regular visits, video calls, and staying in touch through cards and messages can make a big difference.
  • Build Relationships: Develop a genuine relationship with your godchild and their family. Spend quality time together and get to know their siblings and extended family.

Provide Guidance and Support

  • Be a Role Model: Act as a moral compass, offering guidance on living a virtuous life. Support the parents by encouraging the family's faith and being someone the child can turn to.
  • Teach Informally: Share stories of saints, explain holy days, and discuss ethical choices to teach your godchild about Catholicism or your shared beliefs.

Give Thoughtful Gifts

  • Quirky and Fun: Choose gifts that show your allegiance to your godchild, even if they might drive the parents a bit mad. Remember special occasions with thoughtful presents.
  • Long-Term Gifts: Consider gifts that can be appreciated in the future, such as wine or unique memorabilia for their 18th birthday.

Set Boundaries

  • Limit Godchild Positions: Focus on a few godchildren rather than spreading yourself too thin. It’s better to be deeply involved with one than minimally involved with many.
  • Politely Decline if Needed: If you don’t have the time or resources, it’s okay to decline the role of a godparent.
  • Understand the Role's End: Traditionally, your formal role ends after the child’s confirmation, but you may choose to maintain the bond for life.

Navigating Family Dynamics

Balancing godparent responsibilities with personal life can be tricky. Communicate openly with the parents and child, and handle conflicts with sensitivity and understanding. Aim for a harmonious relationship that benefits everyone involved.

The Reward of Godparenting

When done right, godparenting can offer a sense of unconditional love and spiritual fulfilment. It’s about making meaningful gestures, staying involved, and sometimes navigating family drama. With empathy, tact, and humour, you can become a godparent who truly enriches your godchild’s life.


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