What Do We Call the Godparents at a Naming Ceremony?

Unveiling the Role of Godparents in Modern Celebrations

A Naming Ceremony is more than just a meet-and-greet for your newest little star; it's a fabulous occasion to gather your nearest and dearest, show off your bundle of joy, and weave together promises for a shared future. Unlike the traditional Christening, a Naming Ceremony throws the rulebook out the window—there are no must-dos or must-haves for godparents here! That means you can pick anyone who sparkles significantly in your life and in your child's life story, and you can get as creative as you want with their titles in the credits.

What's in a Name? Creative Titles for Godparents

Sure, 'Godparent' is the blockbuster hit when it comes to roles due to its fame, but the landscape of Naming Ceremonies is teeming with imaginative alternatives. Whether you're drawn to the spiritual, the unconventional, or the downright traditional, there's a moniker out there that captures the essence of your vibe. Here’s a sprinkle of playful possibilities:

  • Guardian
  • Guide Parent
  • Honorary Auntie and Uncle
  • Supporting Adult
  • Odd-parent
  • God-less-parent
  • Fairy-Ungodly Parent
  • Super hero


Let’s dive into how these roles can shine during your ceremony!

Do Naming Ceremonies Still Feature Godparents?

You bet! If crowning someone a Godparent and weaving them into your child's unfolding tale feels just right, then why not spotlight them in a Celebrant-led Naming Ceremony? Embracing the role of a Guardian is also hugely popular. These are often the VIPs in your life’s saga—beloved family or cherished friends chosen to play a star role in your little one's adventures as they grow.

Can Siblings Be Superheroes Too?

Absolutely! Elevating a sibling to Godparent status isn’t just about giving them a fancy title—it’s about underlining their forever role in the epic series that is your child's life. Through thick and thin, the sibling bond is the plot twist that keeps the story going strong.

Alternatives to the Traditional 'Godparent'

If 'Guardian' sounds too grand and 'Mentor' too serious, why not jazz it up with 'Guide Parent' or even 'Stellar Spirit'? For those with a flair for the fun, 'Honorary Wizard' or 'Super Sidekick' might just be the perfect fit.

Going Secular? No Problem!

Naming Ceremonies are all about personal choice—stick with 'Godparent' or spin a new title that suits your family’s narrative, no matter your spiritual script.

Assigning a Godparent Without a Christening?

Of course! While a Naming Ceremony is non-religious by nature, it's totally up to you to include any moments of faith, from a touching hymn to a spiritual nod, making it as unique as your little one.

What Do Guide Parents Do?

More than just spiritual navigators, these chosen champions step out of the everyday saga to offer wisdom, warmth, and a wee bit of whimsy.

The Legal Lowdown: Do Godparents Get Custody?

Not at all! While they play a heroic role, there are no legal ties for Godparents in a Naming Ceremony. Their superpower? Unlimited love and support, no cape required.

Crafting Promises in a Naming Ceremony

Godparents can craft their own epic promises or choose a meaningful excerpt that resonates with your family's story, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

How Many Godparents Can You Invite?

As many as your story requires! Naming Ceremonies are about casting the perfect ensemble to shower your child with love, wisdom, and a sprinkle of magic.

For more whimsical insights and expert advice on organising your godparents, why not check out our blog? Dive into a world where every naming is a reason to celebrate, complete with bubbly and a tower of cake!

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