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What Is A Godparent (or Guideparent) In Today's Society?

Exploring the Multifaceted Role Across Different Beliefs

What’s in a name? Quite a bit, actually, when you're stepping into the shoes of a godparent—or should we say, guardian, guideparent, or, for those with a cape tucked away, a super hero! Whether you’re a staunch traditionalist, a free spirit, or someone who checks 'none of the above' on the spiritual checkbox, the role you're about to play in your godchild’s life is epic. So, let’s dive into the mystique of godparenthood and unravel why this role can make you a legend in the eyes of those adorable ankle-biters.

Godparents are still a common tradition in many societies today, though their role has evolved over time. Here are some key points about the prevalence of godparents in modern times compared to the past:

The practice of having godparents originated in Christianity, where they were meant to guide the child's spiritual development and ensure they were raised in the faith.[1][3] Historically, godparents were often chosen from outside the family to strengthen community bonds.[3]

Today, while godparents still play a religious role for some, the tradition has taken on a more secular meaning for many families:

- A 2019 survey found that only around 30% of Americans attend religious services weekly, reflecting a broader trend of declining religiosity.[3] As a result, the role of godparents has shifted away from solely religious duties.

- Many now choose godparents as honorary roles, selecting close friends or family members to serve as mentors and secondary caregivers for their children, regardless of religion.[1][3]

- Some use alternative terms like "guideparents" to remove the religious connotations.[1]

- For others, especially in Catholic and other Christian communities, godparents still hold the traditional religious responsibilities of spiritual guidance and ensuring the child is raised in the faith.[2]

godmother and godson smiling

So while the religious aspect has diminished for some, the tradition of naming respected friends or family as important supportive figures in a child's life remains widespread across many cultures and belief systems.[1][3] However, the purely religious duties of godparents are less emphasized in modern secular societies compared to the past.[3]

What are the stats?

According to the search results, there are a few notable trends regarding godparents/guideparents in the UK:

1. The number of godparents per child has increased in recent years, even though the overall number of christenings has declined. The Church of England notes that while they only require a minimum of three godparents, many parents are now choosing six or eight godparents[8].

2. Godparents are increasingly being chosen for reasons beyond just religious mentorship. Many secular parents are naming "guideparents" or "supporting friends" who may not necessarily share their faith but can provide cultural guidance, social opportunities, or other forms of support to the child[9].

3. There has been a rise in non-religious naming ceremonies as an alternative to traditional christenings. These ceremonies often involve naming "guideparents" or "oddparents" without the religious connotations[8].

4. Some parents are delaying christenings until later in the child's life, with one-third of Church of England christenings now occurring between ages 1-12, as parents want the child to potentially remember the ceremony[10].

5. While the Church of England only requires godparents to be baptized, the Catholic Church in the UK strictly requires Catholic godparents to be practicing Catholics[8].

6. There are concerns about parents choosing godparents for the wrong reasons, such as securing school admissions or social status, rather than genuine spiritual guidance[6][8].

Overall, the data suggests a trend towards more secular interpretations of the godparent role in the UK, with an increasing number of guideparents being named for non-religious reasons, even as traditional christenings decline[9][8].

The Evolution of Godparenthood: From Sacrament Sponsors to Secular Superheroes

Originally, godparents were all about guiding tiny tots through the labyrinth of spiritual growth, making sure they didn’t wander off the righteous path. These sponsors were like the early navigators in the wild seas of faith. Fast forward to today, and the role has morphed like a shape-shifter into something broader, often stepping beyond the bounds of the church into the secular world where titles like 'guideparent' and 'life mentor' are badges worn with pride.

Meet the Modern-Day Godparent

From baptisms to secular naming ceremonies, the essence of being a godparent is universally recognized: you’re the child's VIP (Very Important Protector). You’re there to whisper the secrets of the world into their eager little ears, from how to tie their shoelaces to unraveling the bigger questions of life. And yes, when the going gets tough, you’re the superhero who swoops in with the best birthday gifts that save the day!

The Duties: What Does a Godparent Do?

Forget the old formalities; let’s talk turkey about what being a godparent, guardian, or superhero entails today.

For the Faithful:
Sure, you might still be expected to help your godchild navigate the faith you share. This could mean anything from lighting candles and choosing the perfect Christmas gift from Ellie’s eco-friendly collection, to standing as a spiritual guide at their confirmation.

For the Free Spirits:
Who says you need religion to dole out wisdom? As a godparent in the secular sense, your job is to be the cool adult. The one who knows all the best hideouts at the park and can explain why the sky is blue or how to stand up to a bully.

FAQs That Keep You Guessing

    • Can godparents be non-religious?

      Absolutely! Call yourself a godparent, a guardian, or a guideparent. Whatever the label, it’s the bond you build that truly matters.

      • How many godparents can a kid juggle?

        The more, the merrier! Traditionally, two (a godmother and a godfather) has been the norm, but this isn’t a two-party system. The key is to ensure each godparent can bring their unique flair to the godchild’s life.

      • Is there a godparenting manual?

        If there were, it would read: Be there. Be square (sometimes it’s cool!). And always bring the best presents (Ellie’s got your back on this one).

The Heroic Journey of Godparenting

So there you have it. Being a godparent, guardian, or superhero is about making an indelible mark on your godchild’s heart and life. Whether through shared prayers or shared adventures, the essence of this role is the loving guidance you offer. It’s about being a consistent figure in the whirlwind of childhood and adolescence, from wiping tears and bandaging scraped knees to celebrating milestones with gifts that remind them why you’re their hero.

Remember, every hero needs a little help. When it’s time to cement your legendary status with the perfect gift, Ellie’s selection of planet-friendly, kid-approved treasures is your secret weapon. Because who says you can’t save the world and be the coolest godparent in the galaxy?


Ready to be the best godparent out there? Check out Ellie’s range of heroic gifts and make every birthday, holiday, or Tuesday a celebration of your super bond.

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