About Us

I love sending presents to the kids in my life, whether they’re my godchildren, nieces, or nephews. Birthdays are a big deal when you’re little, and it makes me happy to think I can add a bit of excitement to their special day.

But it’s not always easy. With 13 children to buy for at Christmas and birthdays, it can be a struggle:

I often don’t know what to buy.

I rarely have time to search online.

There’s too much choice.

Sometimes I miss their birthdays altogether.

Then there’s the junk problem. Many sites like Amazon or Wicked Uncle sell tonnes of plastic junk that ends up in landfill. With two kids of my own, I’ve had enough of these throwaway products.

I set out to create something better.


Ellie: An Online Shop Done Differently

Less Stress, More Simplicity

Choosing from 100 options online is overwhelming. I built a present finding system that makes finding the perfect present easy and tailored to your needs.

Never Miss a Birthday

Our email reminders arrive before the big day with three expertly curated gift ideas. No spam—just reminders when you need them.

Eco-Friendly Choices

While we can’t claim 100% perfection, we partner with brands that care about their carbon footprint and strive for sustainability.

Personal Touch

We’ve done away with gift wrap and cards. Instead, you can send a heartfelt message and a video recording to the child, making gift-giving even more fun and personal.


Our Mission

I want to make gift-giving to kids simple, save you time, and help you build wonderful relationships with the children in your life. And I care about the planet. I want these children to inherit a world that values efficiency and thoughtfulness in using our precious resources.