Our Present Criteria

You want to give something they'll love. 
But you're you've got a lot on your plate,
and you're unsure what they want.

Our goal is to save you time...

....and make you a hero in the eyes of those important little people.

We pick your recommendations using the following criteria:
  1. Longevity - We look for products that will be played with again and again.
  2. Universality - Children are different. We find products that all kids enjoy. 
  3. Sustainability - The environment is important. After all, it's the little people who will pick up after us.

Understanding what is sustainable is complex. 

  • Cheap plastic short term products normally seen on Amazon = bad.
  • Wood toys made to last using responsibly sourced wood = good. 

It's the bit in between that is complicated.

Lego is made from plastic. But they recycle their pieces so they can be reused and are actively seeking new sustainable materials to build from. 

Our approach is to look for businesses that state are clear about their responsibility to the planet and the young people who will inherit it.

Ellie never forgets